He is the founder of Atland Consulting and a board member of the Center for Innovative Education and co-founder of the New Education Forum. In his long career he has created public and private consortia in more than 8 countries in the fields of culture, social entrepreneurship, gastronomy and education. He is in charge of generating ideas for projects and the institutional relations of Atland Consulting. He has been a moderator or panellist in more than 30 conferences in the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Poland. He loves mountains, animals and good cuisine.


Lawyer by education, seasoned NGO’s founder and CEO, Joanna Bochniarz is the person in charge of European projects and the relations of Atland Consulting with European institutions. Joanna has extensive experience in European relations and education projects. Founder of the unique Center for Innovative Education, she is the creator of educational innovation programs such as Mentor or Vocational School Support.
In her private life Joanna loves horses, the tranquility of rural areas and trekking.


Abhay Adhikari (PhD) is the founder of Digital Identities. He has run Storytelling Labs in 12 countries with participants that range from museum professionals from the Ájette museum in the Article Circle to multinational executives from Coca-Cola and BMW. He has also developed innovation programs for Google, Nesta and Lloyds Banking Group. Abhay leads the Urban Sustainable Lab, which was named as one of UK’s 50 New Radical Projects by the Observer newspaper. Abhay has a research background in Biofeedback Gaming. In 2009, after completing his PhD he ran mindfulness workshops in Japan. He loves travelling, especially on high – spees rail across Europe.


Head of Media and Marketing in Atland Consulting. She started her career at the Polish company Nitech, which later became part of the international corporation Antalis and changed its name to Antalis Poland. She was the sales leader but feeling that marketing was her calling, she has undergone a lot of marketing trainings and commenced marketing career promoting products as a Product Manager. During many years of work in Antalis and then cooperation, as a freelancer, with advertising agencies she developed and then lead many promotional campaigns. She has experience in organizing “tailor made” events for groups from 100 to 3000 people, for business and individuals. She fulfils her artistic desires by creating jewelry.


Head of legal affairs in Atland Consulting. Seasoned and experienced lawyer with over 20-years track record as Partner with leading international and domestic law firms. Adam has cross-sectoral and cross-border experience in projects implementation and realisation. Adam has deep understanding and wealth of knowledge in management and supervision of all aspects of legal commercial activities, including Governmental and local policies, soft aspects such as PR, or financing. Adam is a recognised expert in Who’s Who Legal and Legal500.  Keen observer of history, politics and policies. Electric guitarist by love and passion


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