Business Diagnostics: First step to increasing impact. admin December 7, 2023
Business Diagnostics: First step to increasing impact.

In today’s fast-paced business world, the constant quest for growth and expansion is imperative to remain competitive. However, embarking on growth campaigns without a solid business diagnostic is like venturing on a journey without a map. In this article, we will explore in detail the crucial points to consider when conducting a business diagnostic before embarking on impactful growth campaigns.

SWOT Analysis: In-Depth Exploration of Business Essence

SWOT analysis is not simply a superficial exercise; it represents a deep dig into the very essence of the business. By diving into the Weaknesses, Strengths and Opportunities, a holistic picture unravels. The identification of internal strengths provides solid footholds, while the recognition of external opportunities and threats not only guides, but also shapes the strategic compass towards the horizon of business success.

This tool remains one of the most effective tools for situation diagnosis, but like everything else it has its weaknesses. When carrying out the analysis, we must not forget that we must complement what we know with two more questions: a quantitative analysis (the SWOT is qualitative) and verify everything that has to do with the outside of the company (we have a lot of information about ourselves and little about the rest).

Market Research: The Complete X-Ray of Future Success

Effective diagnosis requires a deep dive into the very core of the market. Thorough research into consumer behaviour, detailed understanding of trends and in-depth competitor analysis provide unparalleled insight. This analysis not only uncovers niches and opportunities, but also accurately anticipates potential challenges, paving the way for even more detailed and effective strategic planning.

A market study should include at least these four points:

  • Market demand and trends to understand the size and evolution of the market in order to define a strategy.
  • Competition and positioning of our company in order to differentiate ourselves from others.
  • Customer profile and segmentation to be able to personalise and know who to offer our services to as accurately as possible.
  • Distribution channels and consumer behaviour because the product has to be accessible to the consumer and we have to know how to get it to them.

Internal Resource Assessment: Exploring Beyond the Numbers

Going beyond balance sheets and numbers, internal resource assessment involves a critical look at the workforce, technology, operational processes and financial infrastructure. Ensuring that the company has the capacity to support planned growth is essential to prevent unwanted surprises on the road to the company’s future.

Internal Process Review: Perfecting the Business Machine

At the core of any efficient enterprise lies the essence of its internal processes. A detailed diagnosis involves the meticulous identification and optimisation of these processes. Eliminating bottlenecks and continuously improving efficiency ensures that the business machinery is fine-tuned and ready to support growth without compromising quality or integrity.

Financial Review: Financial Health as a Strategic Pillar

Financial review transcends mere accounting reports. It involves a thorough understanding of financial health, careful assessment of cash flow and anticipation of profitability in the context of planned growth. In addition, identifying potential sources of funding becomes essential to support expansion without creating financial imbalances that could jeopardise strategic foundations.

Technology and Digital Transformation: The Essential Revolution

In the digital age, technology stands as the undisputed cornerstone of business growth. Assessing technology infrastructure and readiness to adopt innovations becomes a crucial task. Digital transformation, far from being optional, becomes essential, as it not only improves operational efficiency, but also unlocks new market opportunities, placing the company at the undisputed forefront of business innovation.


Successful growth campaigns are intrinsically linked to meticulous business diagnosis. Ignoring this crucial step can be costly in the long run. SWOT analysis, in-depth market research, thorough assessment of internal resources, accurate review of processes, detailed financial review and proactive adoption of emerging technologies are key elements to ensure that the company is prepared to meet the challenges of growth. These measures are not only a strategic compass, but solid foundations for building impactful and sustainable growth campaigns. Ultimately, business diagnostics is not just a tool, but the essence that guides to success in the competitive business world.

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